Hotel Luna - Capri

Gazing over the intense blue sea surrounding the Faraglioni rocks.
Immersed in gardens abundant in bougainvillea and pomegranate trees.
Only steps away from the fashionable Piazzetta
and the island's glamorous designer shopping district.

We can be in no other place than Capri's Hotel Luna.
"Tell me if there is another spectacle on earth which can compare with this" wrote Alexandre Dumas as he gazed at the Faraglioni rocks way back in 1816. No, there isn't you instinctively want to answer, as you sit on the sweeping terrace of Hotel Luna, watching the setting sun paint the legendary sea stacks a shade of fiery red, or stroll through the gardens on a summer evening, in the silvery light of the Capri moon.

Watching the sun rising over the sea, whiling away a morning lazing by the pool, relishing a delicious lunch of insalata caprese and fresh fruit, taking a spot of exercise in the panoramic fitness corner, enjoying a candlelit dinner overlooking the Faraglioni, savoring a bottle of wine with that special someone on the terrace of your room.
Can you imagine a better way to spend the day?

"You just never want to leave" is one of the most frequently heard comments made by guests staying at Hotel Luna.
When surrounded by such beauty, each day brings a succession of enjoyable experiences.

Hotel Luna Capri: terrace overlooking the Faraglioni


Hotel Luna is located in the center of Capri,
bordered by the sea, the Gardens of Augustus and the Charterhouse of San Giacomo.

Sitting room with view of Capri's Faraglioni

From the hotel, guests can quickly reach Via Krupp, the spectacular pathway carved in to the rocks which leads to the beaches of Marina Piccola, or Via Camerelle, the heart of the island's glamorous designer shopping district.
Few will be able to resist the temptation of stopping off in the Piazzetta for a drink at one of the fashionable pavement cafes whilst watching the world's celebrities pass by. After the colorful hustle and bustle of Capri's picturesque little lanes, the peace and quiet of Hotel Luna is all the more welcome.

To get to Hotel Luna from the port, guests should take the funicular railway from Marina Grande to the Piazzetta and from here proceed along the shop lined Via Emanuele.

Hotel Luna Capri

until reaching a pergola, dripping in great cascades of pink bougainvillea, which seems to lead directly to the sea but, instead, leads directly to Hotel Luna.

Hotel Luna Capri

What our guests say:

In my opinion, the hotel has the best location on the whole island.. From the room you can see the famous Faraglioni and its only steps away from the legendary Piazzetta and the designer shops.

I particularly loved the tranquility: as soon as you step into the hotel garden it's as if somebody has switched off the background noise. All you can hear are the sounds of nature.

It's a small hotel but the concierge service is excellent: he organized a tour around the island by private boat and catered for all our needs.

The breakfast was excellent, as was the dinner served by candlelight on the terrace. The chef was so good that we ate there every night!

The rooms are really welcoming and, apart from the spectacular view, the hand painted majolica tiles give a typical Caprian touch and the bathrooms are spacious and functional.

The pool area is lovely: we went to the beach a couple of times but much preferred the peace and quiet of the hotel's swimming pool.